Dorema Ltd. is a leading company in the production of all kinds of textile labels, size strips and care/content labels. The high-quality labels are manufactured from materials which have all necessary certificates. The colour-configuration printing possibilities: (4+0, 4+1, 2+2 colours).
Dorema Ltd. was founded in 1990. Main production: -all kinds of textile labels /size, care/content, brand etc. / for the apparel industry.
-all kinds of advertising materials
- paper, carton and adhesive labels
- punching of all kinds of carton products
- advertising PVC-foil signs
-screen printing
We are equipped with:
-a textile-label printing machine(4+1 colours and optimal print area 12,5 sm)
-textile printing inks, accompanied by the necessary quality certificates
-a wide selection (choice) of ribbons
-an offset printing machine capable of printing full 430x630 mm area
-a punching machine
-cutting machine